Using bullet points in resume

How to Include bullet points in a resume

using bullet points in resume

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Extended business field to China and Japan. F action Verbs in Action: Sample resume bullet points Facilitated board of Directors and managed technical, marketing, operational, and financial teams. Focused companys resources on middleware product line connecting devices to the Internet without. Followed up Susquehanna corporation corporate survey with focus groups to define specific challenges this territory was facing. Formulated strategy, prepared proposals for company products and services, and provided business leadership to program management. Founded consulting practice focusing on healthcare clientele requirements and delivered comprehensive management and business-development solutions to healthcare providers, suppliers, and group-purchasing organizations.

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Enlisted internal staff, including marketing, operations, and systems developers, to qa-test system without increasing staffing costs. Ensure that entire school district focuses on maximizing use of resources — not on how to spend the budget, but rather on programs that will best meet student needs and improve student achievement, as well as enhance operating effectiveness and efficiency. Entered into successful barter deals that included extensive activity with government bodies in Malaysia, brunei, and Thailand, exchanging for rice, sugar, and wheat for the Philippines. Escalated critical issues and implemented strategies for their timely resolution. Established.4M annual revenue hotel business in region, representing 23 percent of all revenue from this market segment in Europe/Middle east/Africa. Evaluated processes and implemented changes that improved production and effectiveness as well as fiscal accounting procedures. Examined markets and back-tested trading theories using technical analysis of charts. Exceeded plans for growth, achieving revenue of 100 million within two years while maintaining high profitability levels. Excelled during more than 10 years as leader in boys girls Club of the usas preeminent system of recruitment, training, and career education how that develops mission-focused leaders for boys girls Club movement. Executed turnaround via non-cash acquisition of local equity, converting to wholly foreign owned. Expanded strategic alliance and public-relations activities.

Drafted and responded to motions; prepared and responded to discovery related to complex litigation case set for trial. Drew from project experience to co-author three-part series of articles, on marketing for consultants, which was published in online organizational-development magazine. E action Verbs in Action: Sample resume bullet points Earned boys girls Club of the usas Professionals Award of Excellence in leadership, Award of Excellence in Innovation, write and Award of Excellence in Program development. Educate employees and the public about how school district earns its money; speak frequently at local service clubs and professional conferences, serve as guest lecturer for classes at local universities, and appear as TV/radio guest. Emphasize excellent customer service internally and externally; created new ways of communicating with customers that helped increase enrollment for various programs by 75 percent over past two years. Enabled company to sustain itself through industry down times by developing preplanned marketing initiatives and clear marketing strategy that can be updated as company goals. Encouraged upward mobility of females and minorities in professional boys girls Club positions across upstate new York and secured training funds to provide them leadership-development opportunities and job-related training. Engineered us 50 million annual technology spend; obtained technology savings/expense reductions of.5 million, including.7 million in technology employee and consultant staff reductions. Enhanced processes, procedures, and controls, as well as mis development, throughout Accounting and Finance division.

using bullet points in resume

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Demonstrated product-knowledge growth and enhanced external customer contact through constant communication with some of the financial worlds most demanding and knowledgeable people — hedge-fund managers, traders, and operations personnel. Deploy excellent political skills and contacts to testify to new Jersey education Finance Program task force and legislative committees about public education in New Jersey. Designed e-plan and managed software development, adaptation, and interface with regional and national hospital-provider market-share leaders. Determine annual unit and gross-profit plans by implementing sales and marketing strategies and analyzing trends and results. Developed 5-10 year strategies and plans; identified and exploited new business opportunities to achieve objectives. Devised strategic marketing and sales plans to improve revenues, market share, and profitability. Discovered and identified significant differences among funding levels that threatened interference with focus on work plan. Dissuaded venture capitalists from canceling 25-million investment client needed for upcoming payroll. Doubled annual subscription revenue in both 20, to 4M/year in 23-country eastern European market.

Crafted decision memos at request of Prime minister of Bangladesh and us president; laid foundation that influenced Congress to approve unprecedented buy-back of 400m aircraft program from Thailand. Created organizational design and built effective teams; structured and led new Information Management division, including Business Response team, quality Assurance Group, and Application Services team. Cultivate strong relationships with city, volunteers, and key constituents. D action Verbs in Action: Sample resume bullet points Decreased inbound volume into help-desk support systems by more than 20 percent by expanding and refining Comerica University program to encompass client base as well as internal associates, delivering Certified Equity Edge Expert program that trained. Define world area budgeting, forecasting, revenue, and profitability objectives. Delighted management and employees by redesigning job descriptions, using a vision for Success statement to illustrate successful job performance. Delivered annual revenue.5B annually across Europe/Middle east/Africa, accounting for 20 percent more revenue and profit than comparable operation in North America delivered. Delivered presentations to American community on travel opportunities in Western and Eastern Europe, africa, asia, and North America.

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using bullet points in resume

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Commended at projects end and identified as invaluable contributor who provides insight, clarity, and definition. Communicated consistently and proactively with team members via phone and e-mail between meetings, coordinated meeting notes, and helped team members with individual work plans. Completed successful name change and followed up by developing new branding platform, logo, and tagline that accurately captures and identities organizations personality, values, and objectives and will articulate its mission and package it for savvy, heavily essay pitched funding audience. Conceived and led initiative that saved 1 billion annually in industry settlement costs and eradicated costly customer error by eliminating manual customer input. Conducted two all-customer surveys; reported results to internal partners with issue, cause, and resolution outline to significantly impact internal and external customer satisfaction. Consolidated marketing-services organization in 45 days.

Constructed and presented sales forecasts and competitive analyses. Consult with business and community leaders to respond to diversity concerns and issues. Contributed to annual giving campaigns success, exceeding 450K goal by 100K through increased marketing and e-giving technology implemented on website and through printed materials. Convinced management to re-formulate existing local brand, refine its brand position, as well as redesign its graphics and packaging to align with its updated positioning, resulting in significant volume increase and long-term brand growth. Coordinate all facets of the program, including curriculum development, teaching, training, volunteer management, staff recruiting, and grant writing. Counseled three clients; conducted informational interviews with customers and staff members for vp of Environmental health and Safety and provided feedback, resulting in defining new work processes to increase customer satisfaction and employee job satisfaction; collaborated with Art Museum Directors team during major transition and.

Built and implemented employee-owned development matrix for all management and call-center staff; selected, trained, and tested employee base to support continued educational and career objectives. C action Verbs in Action: Sample resume bullet points Captured 57 percent of North American-served market. Chair corporate-wide software configuration review board. Championed development of software simulation and modeling methods to assist marketing in determining customers voice — procedure is now sop. Changed paradigm for districts copy center in collaboration with Management Information Systems and transformed it from district-subsidized operation to one that has produced hundreds of thousands of dollars in positive cash flow for the last two years. Cited as Best Producer by director of development, who said, he always manages to strike a comfortable balance between encouraging and facilitating creative people like me and looking out for the needs of the company.

Clarified and confirmed database specifications of end-users and offered additional suggestions or alternatives. Closed 15 million contract negotiation that accounted for 45 percent of company orders in 2011; generated more than 50 percent of total company revenue. Co-facilitated two sets of monthly meetings, one with full group of 18 provider representatives plus county representatives, and a second with key representatives from larger group. Coached partners on internal company dynamics and steps for developing business and marketing plans so they could learn to write their own. Codified rating system to concentrate rehabilitation impacts. Collaborate with hospital and regional medical center in-house legal departments on regulatory compliance cases. Combined technical and management skills while mentoring group members as they resolved complex technical issues and provided expert technical advice to management for business decisions. Commanded contingency operations and established safety programs at three austere flying locales supporting un operations; supervised 200 personnel at each site and earned Outstanding Unit Safety Award.

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Authored paper for publication in New Jersey association personal of School Business Officials magazine on implications of Sarbanes-Oxley act paper to new Jersey school Districts. Avoided 700,000 annual cost through negotiation of multiyear master lease agreement with. Patent for developing solution to common industry problem related to calibration; solution resulted in lower maintenance cost for customers. B action Verbs in Action: Sample resume bullet points Benchmarked specifications for systems implementation. Bolstered productivity and saved company approximately 10 million through playing key role in restructuring company; reengineered all financial processes and related systems; redesigned all related jobs, resulting in enriched staff development; reduced headcount from 1,500 to 1,000. Boosted sales.6 million from 450,000. Broadened target audience to include corporate travel managers, meeting planners, and consumers. Brokered us treasury and European fixed-income cash, futures, and options, calculated risk, and executed trades on multiple trading platforms. Brought strong management discipline and Asian-market expertise to role as board director who assumes operational oversight in absence of coo.

using bullet points in resume

feedback to staff, utilizing Witness Monitoring System, top-level training programs, and targeted interviewing/hiring specifications. Applied global experiences and localized process to create relevance to japan, which involved learning entire process and identifying high leverage points in Japan context. Architected operational and financial business cases for outsourcing. Assessed effectiveness of 16,000-employee symantecs global payroll operations (apac and emea). Assumed and maintained, p L responsibility for administrative departments, including Human Resources, hris, mis, training and development, safety, security, internal Audit, benefits and Compensation, legal, Insurance, travel, and Internal Investigations. Assured programmatic and budgetary compliance of programs according to funding objectives. Attracted 33 new corporate memberships over 12 months after corporate membership campaign design and implementation. Audited corporate client reports of portfolio holdings and transactions on accounts containing equities, fixed income, and derivatives.

Accelerated time-to-market for embedded software by 25 percent through use of appropriate software quality tools, improved debugging methods, and timely personnel training. Accomplished shift from Large quantity generator status to Small quantity generator Status. Accounted for more than 25 percent of companys revenues. Achieved profitability in highly competitive industry and significant growth of services in all market categories against eight direct competitors. Acted as co-facilitator for work group and partnered with facilitator to help coordinate groups work. Added four new customers, a new industry, and more than 1 million in revenue. Address deeply rooted, beneath-the-surface systemic causes of organizational problems/conflicts instead of merely tackling write known symptoms.

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Jobs Tips by katharine hansen,. Action verbs form the heart of a resumes Work Experience section, with most bullet points in this section ideally kicking off with powerful action verbs. You can find lists of action verbs for use in resumes (and cover letters) all over the Internet; the list below provides samples of how these action verbs can be used. These verbs, from resumes for many professions, are shown in both past-tense paper (for past jobs) and present-tense (for current jobs). Btw: If you think youll need help creating the work Experience section of your resume, put. Our, resume builder provides top-to-bottom guidance with writing all resume sections. You can also learn how to write a resume with us, or get help with that other crucial job application document, the cover letter, by using our. A action Verbs in Action: Sample resume bullet points.

using bullet points in resume
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Most employers require sales professionals and account executives to have most of these job. Did you know that your resume will get scanned by an electronic system before a human ever sees it?

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  2. The problem with bulleted points is that you may get lazy and just list jobs you've held or skills you have. They create a visual consistency with your resume, if you also use bullet points in your resume.

  3. Heres the result — a massive list with links to some of our favorite career related websites. Did not use bullet points. Time and time again people shoot themselves in the foot with poor formatting. One has to be very careful where handling bullet points in a resume are concerned. When highlighting your experience in a resume, you have to make sure that you make good use of the limited space.

  4. In this section, we tell you the right amount of bullet points to use and why. Bullet points are very important in your resume, as they denote detailed examples of the aspects of your career qualifications you have listed on your resume. So writing great bullet points on your resume is essential if you want to get callbacks for interviews. Fortunately, theres a specific strategy you can follow to make your resume bullets stand out immediately. Make a resume in Minutes.

  5. General rules of using bullet points in resume writing: - a bulleted list should contain between four to eight bullet points. The answer is that a resume should always be written in bullet points and not paragraphs. Keep your resume in short and concise bullet points and use quantifiable accomplishments (numbers) wherever possible. Bullet points are your friend, helping you structure your resume in a way that assists recruiters and allows you to get ahead of the competition. So, to understand how and why you can shine by using this technique, read our guide on using bullet points on your resume.

  6. Use bullet points on the resume to bring attention to something, but when you go beyond three or four bullet points at a time, it can come off like a laundry list. Each bullet point also shouldnt need more than two lines in length. Action verbs form the heart of a resume s Work Experience section, with most bullet points in this section ideally kicking off with powerful action verbs. You can find lists of action verbs for use in resumes (and cover letters) all over the Internet. Appropriately used bullet points add some sweet simplicity to the resume.

  7. Different bullet points and numbering: Now just presenting the resume in bullet points is not at all enough. You got to understand the ways in which. Many people find it difficult in framing sentences using bullet points for their resume while rest may get confuse on which point to focus more. If they read your resume, they will read your bullet points, and these bullets are going to impress employers. For all other applicants, especially those that are not 100 certain their writing is top notch, you should use bullet points in your resume.

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